Hi! I’m Emmy Wang.
I do user experience and product design with
a splash of research and strategy.

I care about improving experiences and bettering our everyday by solving problems at the intersection of user needs, tech capabilities, and business goals.
My path to design
I got started wanting to understand how our world shapes the experiences of people during my undergraduate studies in sociology. Branching out to learn about computer science and marketing led me to find UX design — a junction where I could apply my curiosity about people to make a tangible difference in lives through digital products.

My love for tinkering and creating beautiful things fueled my growing fascination with applying design to improve our experiences. I was driven to seek out ways to learn more about UX and practice solving problems in the communities around me.

Now, I enjoy identifying and smoothing wrinkles in the sales associate workflow to shepherd positive engagements with Small Businesses customers at
Capital One.
McGill University
Bachelor of Arts
Software Design
Sociological Inquiry
Socio-cultural Anthropology
Brand Management
Marketing Research
Consumer Behavior
Interaction Design Foundation
UX Designer Certifications
Design Thinking
User Experience
User Research
Human-Computer Interaction
More about me
  • Currently based in New York
  • Can spend hours at the studio making pottery

  • Very excited about Figma variables at the moment